What We Can Do For You

LoNano Financial Advisors, Inc. is a full service comprehensive financial planning firm, providing financial guidance to successful individuals and businesses through long-term relationships. We custom design financial plans to meet your specific circumstances and risk tolerance.

We simplify the information you need.
The Internet provides more information at your fingertips than you can possibly digest. We can help you cut through the noise, filter the information overload, and keep you on track for achieving your financial goals.

We provide you with the tools you need to control your financial life.
We help you understand what we are recommending, show you how it fits your risk tolerance and why it works toward meeting your goals.

We adapt to your life script changes.
As circumstances change in your life, once we know you, we can assist in your financial decisions. When tax laws change, your concern is how the new rules can help you or hurt you. We are there for you because we know your situation. This gives you more time to do what YOU do best and to get more enjoyment out of life.

We are a stable, reliable firm, established in 1986.
As a family-owned firm, our employee turnover is extremely low, yet we have the staff required to service your many needs. That means Consistency of Service to you; no inexperienced advisors are ever assigned to you who don't know your situation. This saves you time and creates an important comfort-level with your financial decisions.

We prioritize long-term relationships.
We have no interest in transactional behavior and see long-term relationships as the key to a satisfying retirement for you.

We invite you to visit with us at no cost.
Our Financial Advisors have adopted the Certified Financial PlannerTM Board of Standards, Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility Principles.  We will meet with you at no obligation, to discuss your financial issues and concerns, and to see if you would benefit from our services.

For a convenient, no-cost, no-pressure review of your situation, contact us at:
(336) 854-4458 or (800) 280-4458  

Michael LoNano meeting with cllients Sam & Polly Thompson