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50 Things LoNano Financial Advisors Does for You

Financial Planning

  1. Considers areas of your financial life you may not have explored
  2. Helps you set goals and work towards achieving them
  3. Prioritizes your financial opportunities
  4. Suggests creative alternatives for income that include ways to claim Social Security
  5. Reviews and recommends insurance options for family and property protection
  6. Assists you with company benefit options
  7. Suggests alternatives to increase income during retirement
  8. Seeks to bullet-proof you from life’s unexpected
  9. Refers you to lending establishments for loans
  10. Thoroughly explains complex financial concepts


  1. Monitors your investments
  2. Suggests strategies for managing risk
  3. Provides unbiased investment research
  4. Provides a personal investment plan
  5. Determines your appropriate risk
  6. Helps consolidate and simplify your investments
  7. Stays up-to-date in the investment world
  8. Helps you determine your Required Minimum Distribution and its withdrawal options
  9. Helps manage your investments for lifetime income
  10. Helps you understand your investments


  1. Monitors changes in your life and family situation
  2. Serves as a human glossary of financial terms
  3. Identifies your financial shortfalls
  4. Is a sounding board for ideas you are considering
  5. Shows you how to access account information electronically
  6. Is honest with you
  7. Guides you through challenging times
  8. Prepares you for late-in-life challenges
  9. Shares others’ experiences, their circumstances, and how those outcomes might assist you
  10. Listens to your concerns


  1. Maintains cost basis information on investments
  2. Helps you to reduce/minimize taxes
  3. Suggests alternatives to lowering taxes before and through retirement
  4. Refers you to tax professionals who assist in your financial goals
  5. Reviews your tax returns, identifying possible future savings
  6. Stays up-to-date with tax law changes
  7. Repositions investments to maximize tax provisions
  8. Determines Roth conversion opportunities
  9. Tax-loss harvesting opportunities
  10. Helps you plan for which assets to use for income each year


  1. Helps you maximize your legacy
  2. Helps increase your self-awareness of how emotions can influence decisions and actions
  3. Keeps you on track
  4. Helps you see the “bigger picture”
  5. Facilitates family conversations and wealth continuity
  6. Aligns your values with your financial decisions
  7. Helps you define your dreams
  8. Helps you create a purpose with your wealth
  9. Promotes financial responsibility
  10. Gives you confidence in your investments

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